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21st Birthday Keys Australia

Wooden 21st birthday keys

Wooden-Wares Exclusive and Unique Birthday Keys


Unique Birthday Keys

Exclusive/ Unique, and Eye-catching Designs Some Designs are Order Today, Ready Tomorrow

Memorial Plaques

Cherish the memory of loved ones.
Completed within 3 Days

Wedding/Anniversary Plaques

Keep a piece of that special day forever.
Completed within 3 Days


RED Days are FULLY BOOKED OUT, if the Birthday falls on a RED Day you need to order TODAY so that it can be Booked in on the next available GREEN Day ( before its Booked Out )
Just add and allow extra days for delivery times and weekends.
We Delivery our Keys Daily Monday to Friday - A $150 Deposit Secures your "Green Day" spot

  • Pickup & Delivery Days

April 2024


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September 2024


World Exclusive "Click 'n' Connect Stands
ONLY From WoodenWares
See what puts us ahead of everyone else!"


Visit our WoodenWares Gallery to see why everyone is loving colour everything from Timber Grain to Bright Pink

Customer Reviews

Over 170 FIVE star Reviews, read what people really thought of their Purchase

Angela Kelly
Angela Kelly
Thank you very much for your amazing talented work, the key looks absolutely amazing, very happy with the end finish. Great communication very fast response, & very fast delivery! Thank you very much again. Would highly recommend anyone looking for a birthday key
Sharren Tavita
Sharren Tavita
Ken was so helpful his work is fabulous thank you so much Ken for looking after my sons 21st key highly recommend
Timena Samoa
Timena Samoa
Super easy and quick process receiving our sons key that we ordered from Sydney. Good quality and looked amazing too. Highly recommend.
Salei Family
Salei Family
We are very happy with our sons key. Thank you so much not only was the turn around time so quick, you made our vision come to life with the key for our son. I literally placed the order on Thursday evening and key was ready for pick up on Sunday and it was perfect. Placing the initial order was so straight forward on your website.Keep up the great work - I will definitely order again and will be referring your business.Thank you again for such a great Woodenwares experience.
Archie Rto
Archie Rto
Amazing and quick service no matter the time line Ken goes out of his way to ensure the customers needs are met. His experience connects so easily with what you have in mind.I would recommend their services to anyone looking for perfection and detail that is over and beyond your expectation.Thank you Ken.
Freda Lauano
Freda Lauano
Was so happy they had my key ready and provided everything that we requested on our 21st key.
Had come across WoodenWares on FB as I was looking for someone to do a plaque for a 21st and Ken did an absolutely amazing job! From the sketches to the finished product, we abosolutely loved the whole process. Communication was amazing with Ken and was able to pick up our custom made plaque within a short time frame. Most definitely do recommend WoodenWares if in need of a sentimental gift for someone!!
K Talatonu
K Talatonu
Beautiful craftsmanship! My second time ordering from Ken and everytime has been perfect! Highly recommended.
Loretta Kennach
Loretta Kennach
Very fast and beautifully made. Thank you so much woodenwares
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Yes we do, we are the Largest Key designer/creator in Australia with a modern hands on Showroom with over 40 Keys on display located in Ipswich Queensland 4305

All our Prices can be found on our website as your ordering. Keys begin around $300 with the average cost of $380 for Keys and $100 for Stands

Yes, we deliver Australia wide using Express Couriers and international Couriers for New Zealand and the rest of the World.

Our Keys are specially packaged in custom made boxes to protect them from any damages. Sending Keys each month to America safely covering over 15,000klm journey shows we know how to package our Keys.

We are located at 264 Brisbane Street, West Ipswich QLD 4305
Look for the huge Yellow WoodenWares Signs

We prefer you make an appointment on our website to make sure we are open when you arrive as everyday varies with our Closing Times

Grandparents were born in the southern Canterbury Region of New Zealand in Timaru. My Background is in Fine Art Joinery with a passion for technology and creating eye-catching products. Check out our Google Reviews, over 170 FIVE Star reviews so we are doing something right!!

With beginning this Business 7 years ago it was for 'The Excitement', 'The Passion', 'The Emotional Side' of what we could create, it was never about selling hundreds of different products and doing it for the money, I'm 64 this year and this is my Passion on how I want to spend my older years.  We Specialise in just Birthday Keys and this allows us to perfect, improve and create what we do, each Key we do today is better than the Key we did yesterday, we continue to improve and re-invent how todays Keys are so different compared to what our Grand Parents received.

Because both Monaliza and I work most weekends, we decided last year that we would take at least 10 Days straight off each month and go away to spend quality time together and reduce the number of Keys we do in the process to make them more special and important. Live everyday to its fullest and always tell those close to you how much you appreciate and love them!

Ken & Monaliza

If you are close to Ipswich Brisbane make an appointment on our website and come visit our Showroom. We have over 40 Keys on display.

Can't get to our Showroom? Read through over 170 Five Star Google Reviews and see what others who bought our Keys thought about them when they were delivered. 

Shows we must be doing something very special to have so many happy customers.

If you are in Brisbane area, you can Order Today and *Pickup Tomorrow!

otherwise if you are in other Australian state express delivery can get a Key to Sydney or Melbourne normally **Overnight.

Always best to email us to get the fastest response in case we can't come to the phone.

*Pickup Days/Times are shown on our website Appointment Page, not everyday is available as we normally take 10 Days off straight each month so please check the available days first or email us direct -

** Overnight Express Delivery is always subject to your Suburb, and the ability of the Couriers

As every day is unpredictable with rush and urgent orders, email or using the "Contact Form" is the fastest method. 

If I am in the workshop creating a detailed and precise design I may not always be able to take phone calls or text messages.

We also take 10 Days off straight each month and our only contact while away is email

Through my research and experience, I cater to most Cultures.

A lot of my Keys will show the patterns for Samoan but be available to purchase as a Cook Island, Maori, or other cultures by selecting this when ordering. For multiple cultures, I normally do the Stand for the other culture or show different Flags on the stand.

We create birthday keys, such as 21st birthday keys as well as birthday keys for any age.  We also create plaques that can be utilised for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays or memorials.

Our Keys are Exclusive and Unique because of the Materials and Processes used to create them. We don't use cheap stickers or paints.

Absolutely!!!, We have Custom Made boxes designed to suit our Keys using the thickest Cardboard available and each Key is packed with Love in multiple layers of Bubble Wrap. In 5 Years we have had 2 Damaged Keys and each time we further improved our Shipping methods.

We ship Keys each week to the USA and find this is the final test that our packaging is done correctly with them traveling over 15,000 klm.

Again, we have to allow for mishandling by Couriers and package them accordingly,  but in case your Key did happen to arrive damaged it will be replaced and a New Key sent the next day without any costs to you! Thats our Guarantee!!!!!

We value your Privacy and nothing is Stored, we don't even collect your emails for mass newsletters sending or selling your data. We also don't require you to login and create an account either like others.

email us for the Fastest Response.

Better!!!, that's what everyone says, just read over 170 Google 5 Star reviews of customers thoughts as they unboxed their Key. 
While other Keys are in colour, they are mostly made from Acrylic and plain colours, what you don't realise is they are between 3mm and 6mm in Thickness, very flexible and easily broken. Our Keys are around 18mm ( 3 to 6 times thicker ) so our Keys will withstand a lot more knocks and bumps and won't twist and deform in shape over time. We don't print the photos onto Paper like everyone else as these will only last a short while and begin to fade and age, we process our Photos of each person in a more specialised way that will outlast any other method, its all about giving the best we can. Right down to our Colours, others use a plain single colour while we Blend multiple colours together, we never use plain colours, this is why our Keys look so impressive and why our customers jump straight onto Google to give us 5 Stars and tell their story on how they felt when they first saw their Key. 

We have just perfected a new "Click and Connect" Stand uprights, these where designed inhouse and the moulds and components created to eliminate the problems every other key maker has with their standard plain rectangle stands, This will be released in February 2024 as we were never happy with the method everyone else settles with where the Key sits on the stand, each time damaging the edges and risking of it falling off the stand at any time. From day 1 we designed a special Stand that was attached to the Key and was just as important as the Key itself, a Stand that told a Story, not something there just to sit a Key on. Its all about thinking "I can do better then this ..." and continuing to improve each day. Our Stands are impressive even underneath with most people going "WoW" and that's why we are No. 1 because we continue to impress and satisfy all our customers improving with each key we do.

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